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The Woods Behind the Barn

In times long forgotten, before the advent of modern man, there were brought into being certain places strong in earth magic -strongholds for the mystical beings who were commoner in those times, but were threatened by the advent of logic and order.
In 1938, one such place became part of a 40 acre lot sold to a private citizen who, in 1942, built a house and farm buildings on it. It passed through a succession of owners until it came, in 1979, it came to the possesion, through inheritance, of one Charles Steavens Sr. who, instead of living in it himself, rented it out. After 4 different tenants in less than two years, he finally rented to four young people, one of whom was his son, Chip. He and his three housemates are about to discover the secret of

... the Woods Behind the Barn

What follows is a series of comic strips and adventures which 'came out of my pen' in the 1980's and early 90's. I published the first 30 or so panal strips in a small book, in 1983 (a second hundred produced in 1987), but continued to draw occasional strips into the nineties. Those strips were never published, and appear for the first time, here.
Now, a word of warning:

Some of these strips make light of behaviors, such as the use and abuse of illegal drugs, which you may not find funny or appropriate. If that is the case may I direct you to a really good cartoonist,HERE

And now, on with the show!

This, then, was how my first collection of "Woods Behind the Barn" comics concluded. Chester, Bart and the rest were not, however, through with me. In the months and some years that followed, they came back to visit me from time to time. Here, then, available to all for the first time, are the ones that got finished. Though I doubt that there will ever be more, Chester is still with me and therefor, there's no telling what's to come.

And now:
The continuing adventures of
The Woods Behind the Barn!

...And last, but not least, a slightly dated commentary on the world I grew up in. You will only get this if you are over 30 years old.

"The Woods Behind the Barn" is the sole creation of Catherine Chandler, and is copyrighted to her name. All the material on this web page is the property of the creator, but may be reprinted or published with permission. To make inquiries about publishing any of "The Woods Behind the Barn", or about the possibility of new episodes (which could certainly happen for the right motivation) please email me!

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